11 mai 2009

Am I dumb and stupid enough ?

Can't sleep. Stayed for the first time in my life eyes wide open in my bed doing my best to sleep.

The last few days/weeks keep rolling in my mind. I surely missed something important. Being happy drives you blind. I am just so optimistic I act foolish 90% of the time. The other 10% I try to warn me, without success, as proved the last few days/weeks/months/years.
Again feeling like shit.
                                             Is this all worth the trouble ?


Découvrez Feist!

I listened Let it die by Feist (again, then again).

The lyrics are available somewhere on the internet, not difficult to find.

"Maybe it is time for you to stop chasing after clouds and rainbows", says the White Rabbit to herself (who is wearing little blue bows)

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